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Hello, I'm Cas!

I  am a passionate photographer residing in the picturesque town of Strathmore, Alberta. Living amidst such beautiful landscapes and diverse communities has been a constant source of inspiration for my work.

Photography has always been my way of freezing life's most cherished moments in time. I thrive on storytelling through my lens, capturing genuine emotions and candid interactions that make every photograph a piece of art.

From enchanting portraits to heartwarming family gatherings, joyous celebrations, and the tender moments of maternity and newborns, I find joy in preserving the essence of each occasion.

Although I call Strathmore home, my love for adventure and exploration knows no bounds. I'm always eager to venture beyond my comfort zone, discovering new destinations and embracing the beauty of different cultures.

I pour my heart into providing clients with timeless images that hold a wealth of memories. My goal is to create a visual narrative that will be cherished by families for generations to come.

I'd be honored to be your storyteller, capturing your most treasured moments and transforming them into unforgettable works of art. Let's embark on this photographic journey together!


Making Memories Last.

Leah M

"Cassandra was so much fun to work with! She has a great eye and is fabulous to work with! She captured my family perfectly!"

Taylor M

"THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY MY FAVOURITE EVER! I am so so so so so happy with them! They are adorable and beautiful and i just love them! Wow!!! Thank you SO0000 MUCH!!!!!!"

Krysta K

"We had such an amazing time getting photographed! Cassandra’s space is beautiful and welcoming. Our photos turned out better than I could have imagined! I highly recommend @cassandralindsayphoto"

Chasing Light and Life's Rhythms – A Cow-loving Boho Soul Behind the Lens.

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