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World Wanderlust Photographer.

Welcome to our captivating world of photography! Ox & Ivy freeze moments, capture emotions, and preserve memories with an artistic touch. Join us on this visual adventure and let us turn your cherished moments into timeless art. Welcome to our photography world!





I'm thrilled to be your dedicated and versatile photographer, serving all of Alberta and beyond.

My true passion lies in the art of capturing life's moments and weaving them into captivating stories through my lens. Whether it's the enchanting love stories of weddings, the heartwarming moments of family gatherings, the tender emotions of maternity and newborns, or the thrill of events and adventures – I cherish the opportunity to freeze these special memories in time.

My photography is all about authenticity and forging genuine connections. I firmly believe in capturing the true essence of every subject and occasion, steering clear of stiff poses and clichés. I want to create images that reflect the real emotions and unique personalities of my clients, making each photograph a cherished and cherished piece of art.

As I explore the beautiful landscapes of Alberta and beyond, I'm fueled by the joy of discovery and the excitement of new adventures. My camera knows no boundaries, and I'm always eager to embrace fresh perspectives and new horizons.

I'm honored to be a part of your journey and to be entrusted with the task of preserving your precious moments. Let's create breathtaking stories together where every click is infused with love, authenticity, and the magic of life's unforgettable moments.


You Heard It Here.

Engagement Photography

We had such an amazing time getting photographed! Cassandra’s space is beautiful and welcoming. Our photos turned out better than I could have imagined! I highly recommend @cassandralindsayphoto

- Krysta K


Maternity shoot

Maternity & Newborn

wedding photography

Intimate Weddings

Exercise Photography


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